Registration of Theft or Loss Occurrence

Attention. For a better analysis of your registration, we ask the citizen to fill it in with clarity and as much information as possible. Thus, in addition to facilitating the work of the police makes it easier for you, citizen, do not need to fill it in again or correct the record.

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Identify the fact most appropriate for the Occurrence:


The Loss is characterized by a loss, vanishing or disappearance of objects and / or documents.

Loss is not considered a crime. What characterizes the loss is the absence of violence or direct action of another person.

It is important to register a loss to protect yourself from misuse in case of lost documents, and assist in returning the cases that have been found.


The theft occurs when the perpetrator subtracts a good or financial value that does not belong.

The crime is characterized by the absence of violence. The perpetrator takes possession of goods or financial value to himself without the victim notice it.


It is characterized by physical violence or serious threats to the victim, performed by the criminal to improper subtraction.

This crime has its qualified form when the threat is made with the use of some sort of weapon or object that can characterize weapon.

In this case, Look for the nearest Police Station to register the Occurrence.

There was forced entry?

In cases of forced entry the registration of the occurrence must be held in the nearest police station.